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Oh Indy started as just a dream. Today it is a reality full of the best customers anyone could ask for.
EST in 2021

In September 2021, we took the leap to finally launch the store we had dreamed of for years.

The meaning of the name

Fun Fact - Oh Indy was not in the list of planned names! With the desire to keep the name simple, India's nickname is "Indy"

Slideshow about our brand


Hi I'm India, Founder and CEO of Oh Indy.

Growing up I was always the girl into shopping, fashion, and style. I remember having a fashion designer notebook, thrifting for affordable pieces, and discovering Pinterest in middle school! This was shortly after my identical twin sister, Asia and I stopped dressing alike and were starting to build our own wardrobes.

We got a job together right after high school at a local boutique, helping customers find their style. From this point on, I knew this was meant for me. I knew I wanted to continue to help women find pieces and build confidence on feeling amazing in what they wear.

Owning a boutique constantly came to mind. I didn't know how I was going to do it or when, I just knew it was a dream. After college, research, and years of contemplating, I faced my fears and took the leap to turn "one day" into "day one!"

I am glad to have you here and my goal is to not only help you feel confident, but to take a leap as well to try new things. To visualize your highest self and start showing up as her.

Finding your style does not have to be a challenge. Oh Indy offers size inclusive, trendy, quality items with YOU in mind.

Thanks for supporting my dream, and for trusting Oh Indy!

xoxo, India